Offlineimap + Mutt = Less Pain

I receive a lot of email as im a system administrator in order to handle this i prefer to use Mutt. One problem, Mutt sucks when using imap connections. In order to over come this you can use a nice little util called offlineimap that with sync a imap server to a local folder in mail dir format. So the flow of mail into my computer is now Imap Server -> Offlineimap -> Mutt -> Offlineimap -> Imap Server

Imapfilter + Offilineimap + Mutt + New Script = Even Less Pain

My last article covered by original mail setup after some usage i have tweaked it even more so i have to do even less. I have now introduced imapfilter that can move messages to the correct mail folder before i run offlineimap. First you need to setup ~.imapfilter/config.lua {% codeblock lang:ini %} – Options – options.timeout = 120 options.subscribe = true – Accounts – Account = IMAP { server = ‘mail.