Melbourne PuppetCamp

I was asked to give a talk at PuppetCamp Melbourne and luckily it went down rather well. Over 200 people attended and I had an amazing time, as well as meeting some amazing people. Hopefully I will be able to make another PuppetCamp this year. The slides for the talk I gave are below: {% speakerdeck 9d4a0cb055f30130b56f12313815634b >}}

Insecure Puppet Design Patterns

After using facts to designated classes and data to nodes for a number of years I recently released this could actually be a major security issue. In order to understand the problem we must firstly cover a few thing related to how facter works. Please see update Facts are sent to a puppet master at the beginning of a puppet run from the puppet agent. After this they are available to the dsl at top-level scope.

Ruby Exchange lookup script for Mutt

As i use mutt at work i had no way to lookup email address for other people. Well now i have with some nasty hacky ruby. I may clean it up etc when i have time but for now it works. Simply add this to your mutt config set query_command = "ruby -W0 {location of below script} '%s'" The -W0 is needed as there is a bug in the curb gem that i am using.