The Most Useful Command Ever

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How many times have you run a command and then thought, ooo crap i now need to leave work, i really should have nohupped it or run it in screen session well welcome to.

disown \[-ar\] \[-h\] [jobspec ...]  
Without options, each jobspec is removed from the table of active jobs. 
If the -h option is given, each jobspec is not removed from the table, 
but is marked so that SIGHUP is not sent to the job if the shell receives a SIGHUP.  
If no jobspec is present, and neither the -a nor the -r option is supplied, 
the current job is used. If no jobspec is supplied, the -a option means to 
remove or mark all jobs; the -r option without a jobspec argument restricts 
operation to running jobs. The return value is 0 unless a jobspec does not 
specify a valid job.

Had to write that on my blog now otherwise ill forget about it.