Irq Fun

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Hardware interrupts were introduced as a way to avoid wasting the processor’s valuable time in polling loops, waiting for external events. They may be implemented in hardware as a distinct system with control lines, or they may be integrated into the memory subsystem.Read More

[root@dfs2 ~]# cat /proc/interrupts
           CPU0       CPU1
 <items removed>
30: 1543015844         70   IO-APIC-level  eth0
33:        982 1125222804   IO-APIC-level  eth1
NMI:          0          0
LOC:  312789123  312790125
ERR:          0
MIS:          0

As you can see from the list above the interrupts for the network card has been balanced betwen the Cores. How Irqbalance works is rather complex and i suggest you read more.