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Fun With Energy Efficient Ethernet Poweredge 720 I350 Controller

After purchasing two dell 720 machines for a project at work, I went around setting the machines up in a very basic Pacemaker cluster. Just one problem the network interface between the machines (crossover cable) would shut itself down. But the connection to the switches would be fine.

Ruby Exchange Lookup Script for Mutt

As i use mutt at work i had no way to lookup email address for other people. Well now i have with some nasty hacky ruby. I may clean it up etc when i have time but for now it works.

Removing Cruft From a Debian Box

If you remove a package from a debian package and for get to add the -purge argument the package will leave its configurations files on your system. In order to view all the packages that have done this you can simply run.

Zotac zBox HD-ID11

After trying to get hdmi to work for the last 30 minutes, you can do the following

Change it to the deafult card you can update /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf and change these lines:

DD + Lzo = Superfast

I recently purchased a new laptop, (Hp Envy 14) that came pre-installed with windows. After leaving it on the hard drive for some time i finally needed the space. I shrank the partition as small as it could go but alas i have a SSD and every GB is expensive and needed.

Patches for Envy 14 and Gentoo

Here is a patch set that will get the envy14 working correct with gentoo and linux-2.6.34-gentoo-r6. They are mostly patches that i have found of the net, with some of mine sprinkled in, id credit the original authors but i have lost the links.
Please comment on this posts if you know where they came from and ill give credit to the original authors. linux-patches-envy14-inux-2.6.34-gentoo-r6.tar.gz

Iwlagn Unsupported (Too Old) EEPROM

After purchasing a new wireless card of ebay. I found out that it was a preproduction knock off. You can see Intels view on this . In order to get it working on linux you need to hack the driver. This is a hack and i mean a hack, it took me 2 seconds but now my wireless card is working.